Sunday, July 1, 2012

Future- Part Deux

Finally I had passed a stressful week and thank god I'm still alive.
It feels so good when you can just stay at home and just do whatever you want.

Okay so about the future,ehem! So what am I gonna do? 

Well the answer is "I'm gonna do what I really wants. I wanna do things that I'm interested and comfortable with. Some might say "forget about your dreams it only happens when you're asleep and usually things just won't work as the way you planned" well I would say that never try never know and always prepare back up plans, whenever there's a problem, there must be a solution.

Now why is it people always refuse to pursue their dreams? Because they are afraid and worried of everything, afraid that they might fail, afraid that they can't make a living from it, afraid of how others will look upon them and afraid of being criticize, in the end they just play safe in their whole life, live like a robot and end up doing things that they hate then they will start complaining that they hate their job and don't wanna work any more or complaining that their job is boring/ lifeless, instead of working in this environment I would say quit the job because you are not passionate about your job at all and you will not work to reach the top because you are not even bother to do so. Don't waste your time and others time as well, do something that you are interested and passionate about. We only live once and if you fail, it's okay because at least you had tried and learn from the mistakes. 
"We learned to walk by falling down. If we never fell down, we would never walk."- Robert T Kiyosaki

I do not get flying colours nor straight A's in academic but that does not makes me a loser because I believe that everyone are blessed with gifts and that gifts makes you yourself unique and success in different ways. Now there are billions of people in this world and it is impossible to pleased every single of them, so just live the life that you want and ignore whatever cruel things that they said to you, YOU LIVE FOR YOURSELF NOT OTHERS. 

In the end, we do not know what lies ahead us but I'll be prepared for it.

*above post is just my personal opinion and no offence to any person

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